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Concept and Brand Development

The overall idea or theme that defines a venue being the first step in starting the project, is the Concept.

Concepts includes Menu Designs, Service styles, dining room Decors,Branding and - of course -the style of food. Many venues are conceived based on a chef’s/patron personal experiences or interests. Heritage, location, local ingredients, traditions, or family are all common sources of inspiration for restaurant concepts.

Concepts can also be defined by a chef’s travel experience, training, or an interest in a certain area of art, science, or culture. Because food is, after all, a mixture of all those things.

Branding is vital for any Business , therefor is imperative for us to ensure the we take the first right steps.

Connecting the product or business with a the right name, symbol, or features and ideas to make it recognisable, is our main goal.

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